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Since our inception, UTILUS has been completely focused on building a strategic, quality risk management consultancy.

James Ding - Risk Management Director Utilus Ltd

As a boutique Risk Management Consultancy within London, we have had first hand experience of the templated approach that some Risk Consultancies use.

Working like this, they are at best simply passing on generic work and excessive costs; whilst failing to understand their client's unique needs or providing genuine insight.  

At worse, this can often mean that a client is investing in reports, projects and programmes which fail to address the actual risks to their business.


This approach is costly in both time and resources.   

Whilst being both a client and a supplier, it became clear to us that it was time to develop a more professional alternative and Utilus Ltd was formed.

We based Utilus Ltd on two core principles: 

  • Provide a 'useful' product to our clients which actually supports their business in a pragmatic way.

  • Always 'serve' our clients in the best way possible.

With this as our foundation, we believe that we help enable our clients to conduct secure business with every piece of work we do.

Take a look at our services and see if your business would benefit from a different approach to Risk Management.

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James Ding


As a risk professional, James has over 16 years experience working in both internal and external roles.

After a long period with Deloitte LLP, designing and implementing enterprise level risk programmes, James finally made the move into independent consultancy in 2017.